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The site is aimed at amateur astronomers and is a personal website. Also sell black and white and colour astronomy posters that glow in the dark with stars (hand painted.) Bring the night sky inside and sleep under the stars every night!

The site is amazing so please come and have a look. Nightsky3d Hand painted glow in the dark planetariums and murals. Keep Looking Up Join this astronomy based web site....

Exoplanet orbits can be observed by increasing and decreasing the speed.

Dunno if I chose the right category(astronomy), I would really like some feedback on the app I made.

Something for everyone interested in the hobby of Astronomy.

Cool Cool has astronomy related information, including telescopes, eyepieces, and astrophotography.

Space and Science Outreach Programs Spacetime astronomy offer a range a space and astronomy related outreach programs via their Cosmo Dome mobile planetarium and portable telescopes.

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PTTU features news, image, event and video aggregation; a comprehensive directory of observatories, facilities, astronomical societies, amateur astronomy societies, space artists, science communication universities Welcome to the CAA! Astronomy Trek Astronomy Trek allows anyone to quickly build a good knowledge of the night sky and identify the various planets, stars, constellations, galaxies and other deep space objects. Astrobob Group Dedicated to all people interested in astronomy, specially to those who are willing to start in amateur astronomy & do not know where to start from.Also if you would like to submit a site to my website for free i will be happy to do so. Non-profit fund raising for astronomers hunting asteroids, meteorites, comets, and NEOs, (near earth objects). A Society dedicated to generating awareness on the subject. Themes include constellations (astronomically accurate,) milky way, and for the kids spaceships, space battles, fairies, butterflies. Up load your photos, use are forums, sell and buy astronomy equipment.Can do constellations for any given date/time/location (eg. Take a free online Astronomy course, with lesson quiz, and final exam.3D Galaxy Map 3DGalaxy Map is a 3D representation of our Galaxy, the Milky Way.It contains an overview map of the Milky Way Galaxy, as seen from above and a map of the Orion Arm (where our Sun is located) showing its major structures.

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