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Constables had the authority to stop and detain an individual who possessed property that, in the officer's opinion, was suspicious or improperly obtained.

This permitted arrests based on suspicion rather than probable cause (2Vic 1 22 C.2).

Odyssey Aviation, the premier Fixed Based Operation (FBO) in the Bahamas, recently signed a contract with Island Industries (Bahamas) Limited, distributers of Butler building systems in the Bahamas since 1968, for the construction of Odyssey’s new hangar.

Should you have any questions please contact our accounts department at [email protected] Ride for Hope organizers visited Odyssey Aviation to show their appreciation and thanks for their continued support in the Ride for Hope.Thephilosophy of community policing that many police agencies subscribe to today, has actually been in existence from the creation of the policing era.In the 1840 Police Act, the Nassau Force was made responsible for the 24-hour policing of the Colony.This new Force was to be a day and night body instead of simply a night operation, as was the case with the former Night Guards.Members were charged with three pivotal duties that the government felt were fundamental to properly police the growing Colony.

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