Dating in law school

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Despite the semi-high school vibe, law school is a professional graduate school.

It helps reset your thinking patterns, expands your mind to notice alternative creative, problem-solving methods, and provides you insight into different industries that could help a future client win their case.Do not jeopardize your legal career by being those people who are remembered for their epic, public break-up during finals, instead of for their amazing accomplishments in an activity such as, moot court.As always, these are solely suggestions for why it may not be the best idea to date someone in law school. About Jaclyn Wishnia Jaclyn Wishnia graduated from Fordham University with a double major in Journalism and the Classics.Here are some other examples of how a relationship can operate as a diversion: binging one more episode on Netflix with them instead of studying; breaking up and either running into them in school or getting stuck with them in a class; the gossiping amongst your classmates that coincides with any type of relationship; saving hours to spend with them instead of joining an extra-curricular; or rushing through your studying or class preparation, which you normally would not do, to give them more of your precious time.The bottom line is, whether you are madly in love or fending off nasty rumors together, the concept of being in a relationship is a distraction in and of itself.

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