Dating sunbeam mixmaster

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I am really disappointed by the quality of this product and now my suggestion to anyone thinking of buying a mixmaster (or any other kitchen appliance) is the same as my son's - don't buy a sunbeam as the quality is just not what it used to be.

Dear Customer, To provide our assistance can you please contact Sunbeam Customer Service either by phone on 1300 881 861 or email [email protected] (subject line: Product au wit...

It's a nice machine, is there anyway sunbeam will replace it? Was given this Sunbeam Mix master MX 003 as a gift xmas 2015 and have only used it a few times and the beater has broken at the weld. I am very disappointed as it now renders the machine useless I love my mixer...

the best I have had..just keep working for hours and hours so much I really need to purchase a new large bowl, does anyone know where I can buy the Bowl, the only place I saw was in the US and it was going to be over 0..

When looking for replacement I realised that all mixers on the market are the same, heavy, awkward, with impossible mixing attachments.

To my delight I finally discovered that Sunbeam still provides a genuine Mixmaster which is head and shoulders above all other mixers.

I need to replace mine and the cheapest I've seen is !

I have had my sunbeam mixmaster MX003 for quite some time (long enough to be out of the warranty period), but have only used it 5 or 6 times, as I don't do much cooking which requires a mixmaster unless I am making a quick cake or muffins with the grandkids.

I brought that brand as my mum had one when I was growing up & it lasted years. My beaters broke (yes both of them) today while mixing soft butter and sugar. I honestly don't know what all you people are doing to your mixers to say they are flimsy and break easy. The only problem is the flimsy beaters, they are too thin and break easily.Hi Cheryl, I do apologise for the experience you have had with the Sunbeam MX003. Plus my regular orders are all done in my mx003 as it is my favourite of the 4 mixers I own. Currently using the bowl from a cheap mixer I purchased as a spare that I hate. Beaters are just starting to get loose in the sockets and the turntable doesn't always spin without help (again expensive to replace) but after all the work it has done it is to be expected.Please give our Customer Care team a call on 1300 881 861 and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist with spare parts for new beaters. It's Light, it is incredibly quiet and with awesome variable speed the only downfall is the glass bowls. I would buy another one in a heartbeat if they were still available to purchase. It is so loud and the bowls aren't big enough. I cant fault it yet, It mixes well its quite good at just dumping the ingredients in and walking away and leaving it to mix it picks up well off the bottom of the bowl etc. It has optional speeds, 2 different bowls, double beaters and dough hooks.Very disappointed in this, because otherwise the machine is working really well.Not sure if it is worth buying more beaters if they are going to just keep breaking. 2 major cupcake drives (444 dozen 216 dozen cupcakes including butter cream icing) divided by 3 mixers that I used at the same time.

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