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Along with two others involved in the case, Nikolai Bayev and Alexei Kiselyov, Mr Alexeyev had staged demonstrations to defend gay rights – for which he and others had been fined – and unsuccessfully applied for permission to hold gay pride parades in Russia.The court said: “In staging their demonstrations, the applicants had not sought to interact with minors, nor intrude into their private space.Vladimir Putin claimed in a recent interview that the “gay propaganda” law was intended to “provide children with the opportunity to grow up without impacting their consciousness.“When they grow up, they may take any decision on their future, including private and sexual ones.” Denis Krivosheev, Amnesty International’s Europe and Central Asia research deputy director, backed the ECHR ruling, saying the legislation “has always been nothing short of homophobic”.However, to be successful entrepreneurs also need to be creative, open, conscientious, and according to...European Commission’s EIT Mid-term Evaluation Report released The European Commission today published the Mid-term Evaluation Report on the EIT – Europe’s largest innovation community.The Report was carried out to assess the work of the EIT, and examined how the EIT fulfils its mission of...Europe’s most ground-breaking entrepreneurs and innovators were honoured last night at the EIT Awards ceremony at one of Europe’s most important innovation forums, INNOVEIT.

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But the ECHR found in favour of three gay activists who claimed the law violated the rights to freedom of expression and prohibition of discrimination under the European Convention on Human Rights.

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Commenting on the claim that minors could be “converted” to homosexuality, the court found that the Russian government had been “unable to provide any explanation of the mechanism by which a minor could be enticed into ‘[a] homosexual lifestyle’, let alone science-based evidence that one’s sexual orientation or identity was susceptible to change under external influence”.

One of the claimants, Nikolai Alexeyev, a leading gay rights activist, described the ruling as “an enormous court victory for LGBT people in Russia”.

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