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But months later, she visited a Cambridgeshire base where he claimed to be previously stationed – and no one had heard of him.Police later traced calls from a Nigerian mobile phone.Last night divorcee Miss Roberts said: “Aside from the money, I’ve lost the love of my life.I know he wasn’t real, but the feelings were real to me.Wiseau has no other creative role than being one of the two main characters. The Disaster Artist currently has an impressive 92% average score on Rotten Tomatoes, with Erik Childress of The Playlist even going as far as saying that Franco's role as Wiseau is his best performance since his Oscar-nominated turn in 127 Hours.The biopic is set for a late 2017 release date, but has since premiered in some indie film festivals.

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Best F[r]iends is a black comedy written by Sestero, which was based on a road trip he and Wiseau had back in 2003. Wiseau and Sestero made a name for themselves by playing a part in making the worst movie ever made, to the point where their well-known story behind the cameras has been adapted into a biopic titled #The Disaster Artist, starring James Franco as the director/writer/producer/actor of The Room.

It's possible that Best F[r]iends could be a legitimately good movie and not another favorite target for online riffers everywhere, and this is a welcome turn for the actors whose names are inseparable from The Room.

It's been said that in the world of filmmaking, anything can happen.

Leicestershire Police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency is investigating.

The US Embassy is trying to identify the soldier in the pictures.

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