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Online, I was horrified to find India matchmaking sites for a quick wedding.One day a friend recommend Tinder, an app I had always assumed was purely for sex.But as I continued flipping through profiles, I discovered I liked knowing that Kumar went to school in my hometown or that Raj is a professional photographer. A couple of text messages to common friends and you know whether the guy has a yen for intravenous drugs or beating puppies. And that’s my stand until someone googles my phone number and starts stalking me.Or worse, that he broke up with his last girlfriend via text. Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.Floh has built a unique community of people who have studied in some of the most prestigious institutions in India and across the world.They are passionate about the work they do and their professions range from lawyers, investment bankers, doctors, entrepreneurs to journalists, artists, educationists and those who dedicate their lives to social causes.28 people found their partner at Floh last year and 40 people have found their partner at Floh this year already!Everybody is screened before they get the invitation to join Floh.

When the chef reached the spot, the man took him near Ghatkopar railway tracks where two of his aides turned up and robbed him of his i Phone worth Rs 75,000 and two debit cards.

It was an effort to keep up conversation for at least two drinks, just to be polite. At first, I was creeped out by the amount of information it provides.

While Tinder keeps it basic, Hinge gives away the cow for free.

Cops learned about the victim, Rahul Shinde (name changed), while probing an earlier case involving a gay police constable.

He too had registered on the site and was similarly robbed by the trio.

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