Internet killed the dating game

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Ofcom's reprimand accompanies a slump in popularity among viewers.The company's channels, which include MTV2 (for lovers of "alternative rock"), and MTV Base (for R'n'B fans) have haemorrhaged audiences between 2003 and this year, the biggest loss being among its core audience, the highly sought-after 16- to 24-year-old males.After the MTV generation grew up and moved on, what would have been its new recruits are logging on, rather than tuning in.Hattie Collins, the editor of the music and lifestyle magazine RWD, says: "I think the problem with MTV at the moment is that every kind of medium is suffering.And there is a spate of unfavourable deals being promoted by the likes of Sky, who package channels along with their satellite systems.He claims they are no longer packaging the channel in its standard offerings, which has hit them hard.

I think maybe MTV has not yet hit on the right idea.It was a seminal moment in the history of popular culture.On 1 August 1981, MTV launched in America with the simple words: "Ladies and Gentlemen...What's more, its attempt to "follow the curve" with a "string of USPs [unique selling points]" is also falling on the deaf ears of those less interested in a conglomerate's bottom line than the world's best music at their fingertips.Its user-generated content channel, MTV Flux, in which the audience selected the videos, closed in February.

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