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No doubt where countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, England, Denmark produces a lot of players in badminton there also exist India which also give this world badminton players like no where.

Whenever we talks about shuttle badminton, Prakash Padukone comes to the top.

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His first match was very memorable, when he lost his match, he refused to leave the court and blamed the racquet then President of Mysore Badminton Association promised him to get a new racquet.

Two years later he won the Mysore State Junior Championship and in 1970 he won the Junior National Championship.

•Was National Senior Champion for Nine Years in a row from 1971 to 1979.

•Commonwealth Games Gold medal winner in 1978 at Edmonton, Canada.

Whenever one talks about badminton legends, hundreds of names comes into the mind butabout one which i am going to talk is Prakash Padukone of India.

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