Peter teaches meg about dating

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In an attempt to save Peter from further scorn and verbal attacks, Lois gives a heartfelt speech to the community about how television has kept them all from enjoying one another.

Much of the episode's humor, in standard Family Guy fashion, is structured around cutaway sequences that parody popular culture, including those centered on Wile E.In addition to the regular cast, actor Erik Estrada, writer and animator Butch Hartman, actor Aaron Lustig, actor Joey Slotnick and voice actor Frank Welker guest starred in the episode.Recurring guest voice actress Lori Alan also made minor appearances.This shows an incredible lack of good judgment and morals by Peter.Meanwhile, Stewie, (seeing the opportunity of the dish attached to the car), steals the satellite dish in a plan to create a weather control device capable of destroying the world's supply of broccoli, since Lois had forced him to eat the vegetable earlier that day.

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