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Now that I’ve been out for so long I can honestly say that I like that it’s a smaller city and LGBTQ community. People are excited to be here and to move back here.

It’s a very exciting time to live in Buffalo, as more industries, developments, bars and restaurants spring up around the city.

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Even when we don’t have an event going on, I’ll give them a list of other places to check out. In recent years, one of my favorite things has become the way in which our revitalization has made Buffalo, a very historic and old city, feel young again.

But if you want to fast track things, Ambush is really the best place to meet other gay women. For those who aren’t as into the bar scene, there are events such as: the Gay5k (a 5k race in downtown Buffalo); the Big Gay Sing (which is just a gathering of LGBTQ and allies singing fun songs); a flag raising ceremony where we raise the pride flag in front of City Hall; and a gallery walk in one of the City’s most gay-friendly neighborhoods (people can stroll down the street and visit multiple art galleries to view art created by LGBTQ artists and supporters of the LGBTQ community).

I’ve had many friends meet their current significant other at an Ambush event. Pride week culminates with the Sunday pride parade which goes down Elmwood and ends on Allen Street.

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