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'I didn't realize this could happen': Cassidy Wolf, 19, speaks with Anderson Cooper about her 'sextortion' ordeal on Monday night, after her computer was hacked and a boy from her school secretly watched her via webcam for one year Wolf was sent an email containing a series of photos of herself changing, with Abrahams demanding better-quality photos, video and a five-minute sex show on Skype or he would make the images public, threatening to ruin her beauty pageant chances.She found herself, 'relieved, glad that they were able to find who the person is, but on the other hand it was someone I went to high school with.The southern sea otters in our Sea Otters exhibit love to play with toys, lounge in ice buckets or just snooze.We feed ours four times a day, often putting the food in toys to stimulate the otters' natural behavior of pounding and working to get food out of shells.We were sad to see that newly crowned Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf's was blackmailed after her webcam got hacked. Wolf for helping to spread the word about webcam covers!We're happy to report that she went to the police, and the FBI is now on the case. Wolf appeared on The O'Reilly Factor with a simple message: cover your webcam.

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Learn about our Sea Otter Program From rescuing stranded sea otters to tracking down tuna tags floating at sea, we depend on the help of citizen scientists to advance our conservation research on behalf of vulnerable ocean wildlife. This clever and inquisitive sea otter has raised her first pup as a surrogate mother.She taught the rescued pup how to groom his fur and find food, and very soon, he'll be ready to be released. Learn more of Selka's story on our blog The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Sea Otter Program has been studying the threatened southern sea otter since 1984 with the aim of understanding threats to the population and promoting its recovery.In elephant society, males leave their family groups in their teens.So you will often see Osh spending time on his own.

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