Tweet and missy elliott dating

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The Grammy-winning rapper has lost a gang of weight, but that’s not the only reason she is making headlines.

According to “rumors,” Missy recently got married to her protege and longtime partner Sharaya J.

This album is more mature, it’s still Southern Hummingbird. I’m focused on whatever I have to do to please God and to do my music and spend time with my family. They say ‘once you can stop doing something for 21 days or 30 days, you can conquer it.’ I guess that’s a good advice for somebody that wants to take that route as well. She is in her 40’s, so she is a young grandmother but she’s still much older than Beyonce, Rihanna, Keri Hilson and other popular R&B artists today.

I’m not afraid to be who I am vocally and just me as a woman. The game has changed so much since Tweet joined the music industry back in the early 2000’s, but it’s always great to hear about a singer staging a comeback after a long hiatus.

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But it wasn’t until a meeting with Entertainment One in 2014 that she felt reenergized about recording and early last year she returned to the studio to begin recording “Charlene.”Featuring work from longtime friends and collaborators such as Craig Brockman, Charlie Bereal, Timbaland and Elliott, “Charlene” is a strong return to form for Tweet, who offers the gospel-inflected, acoustic-driven soul that first broke her. It’s all in God’s time and I think he’s preserved me for this moment. Did you deal with that a lot as you were bouncing around to other labels? I was trying to figure out if I really wanted to come back. I was still in a lane where I was trying to figure out if I wanted to still do this. The love and the musicianship -- that’s what’s missing in music. After so long, fans wondered if you would ever return. The album failed to replicate the success of her debut, and Keys spiraled into a deep depression. In 2007, she signed with Jheryl Busby’s Umbrella Records in 2007, but sadly, the executive died a year later while they were working on her album. Let’s go to different genres again, everything is so meshed together. It was like, come on, this can’t be life,” Keys admitted while sharing the spiritual journey that led her back to recording and yielded her third album (due Friday). R&B is much different than when you last released an album. The story was much different in the early aughts, however, when the Rochester, N. Keys started her career as a member of the girl group Sugah, a trio that never released an album but was a part of the R&B/hip-hop collective Swing Mob, which was founded by Jodeci mastermind De Vante Swing and would birth stars such as Ginuwine, Timbaland and Missy Elliott.

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