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"Russian Roulette" was mixed by Kevin "KD" Davis together with Jared Newcomb who served as an assistant. Harmony explained that after the song was done, Rihanna called Ne-Yo and told him that "Russian Roulette" is one of her favorites, "I think overall she was comfortable with the vibe of the song and comfortable with the lyrical content of the song.

It's just a natural reaction for people to associate 'cause she's been so tight-lipped.Get your sex education classes off to a flying start with this colourful roulette game.The roulette wheel features common STIs (Herpes, Hepatitis B, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HPV, Syphilis, HIV/AIDS) and the game cards present real-life scenarios that address different sexual situations.Comes with an educator's guide that provides instructions and additional information about STIs.A great tool for starting a discussion about sexually transmitted infections.

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