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The Output Viewer shows you tables of statistical output and any graphs you create.By default it also show you the programming language for the commands that you issued (called in SPSS jargon), and most error messages will also appear here. Construction is the reason for our existence, whether the project is for Military, Civil Works or Work for Others. The Resident Management System (RMS) and the Quality Control System (QCS) are quality management and contract administration programs designed by Resident Engineers.IBM SPSS Statistics is software for managing data and calculating a wide variety of statistics.When SPSS is first started you are presented with a dialog box asking you to open a file.Pick a recently opened file or pick "Open another file" from the list on the left.In the long run, you will want to learn to just work directly in the programming language, because this is how you document your work, and good documentation is key to both trouble-shooting and replicating complicated projects.For now, we assume you are just carrying out very simple tasks.

When you close your last Data Editor you are shutting down SPSS and you will be prompted to save all unsaved files.

However, some tasks cannot be accomplished from the menus, and others are more quickly carried out by typing a few key words than by working through a long series of menus and dialogs.

As a beginner, it will be strategic to learn a bit of both SPSS programming and the menus.

When you open an SPSS data file, what you see is a working copy of your data.

Changes you make to your data are not permanent until you save them (click File - Save or Save As).

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