Updating street atlas 2016 computer not updating time

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You can search the Street Atlas USA Deluxe database by clicking on the Find tab and entering a location name, street address, ZIP code, or map coordinates.

On our test, the roads we added were displayed in subsequent searches.

But fortunately, my vehicle has plenty of space for a laptop that is visible to the driver.

So I drive with computer-based, GPS-controlled map/navigation software running on a big computer screen. Many newer cars (including one of mine) have GPS sat-nav.

I rely on a computer to plan the trip, then drive the trip.

Little GPS receivers are cute, cheap, helpful -- but limited.

You can easily access other program functions, such as the drawing, setting up a GPS device, downloading files to a Palm OS handheld, and linking to the Internet for construction, weather, and local event updates from their respective menu tabs.

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Instead of just accepting what the computer tells me is the way to go, I can look at the area I'm heading into, at any level of detail from cross-country to street-by-street, all on a large laptop screen. Then, I can override the route the computer suggests, specify way-points to precisely control the route, then see the distances and times of each segment.After using both, many times on many trips, I have a preference.I think De Lorme Street Atlas does more, and does it better. De Lorme's solution is to give travelers the tools to add their own routable roads in Street Atlas USA Deluxe ( street), which replaces Street Atlas USA Road Warrior Edition. mapping programs can't easily stay current with the constant addition of newly paved streets and carved-out dirt roads across the country.

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