Who is sheryl crow dating now 2016

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We have met at her home, a sprawling ranch outside Nashville where she lives with her two adopted sons, aged seven and four.It is a cold day but the sun slants in through the heavy red curtains to the dark wood-panelled recording studio where Crow is sitting on a sofa, a tiny figure in a pretty polka-dot Ralph Lauren dress and battered brown leather jacket.She glances at the number and apologises, saying she has to take the call.The blood drains from her face as she listens to the caller.

She recently sold another property outside Nashville. During 18 months touring with him, Crow says Jackson barely spoke to her and never grasped her name. “It creates a weird thirst for more and then it sets you up for a sense of failure when you can’t keep your heightened position.” Despite her growing international success, she experienced periods of deep depression and a tangled love life, including relationships with Eric Clapton and the actor Owen Wilson.” asks Sheryl, helping herself to cheese and crackers.“Yes,” replies Kathy, then adds with a chuckle, “Do you remember the time Dad pranked us and came home with stitches in the back of his head – he didn’t say he’d only had a mole removed!“Thank God they make waterproof mascara,” sings Sheryl Crow, hauntingly, on her latest album on a track about a woman trying to hide her tears. Fifteen minutes into our interview Crow takes a phone call and then collapses to the floor.At first I think she is laughing hysterically, but the black rivulets running down her face make it clear she is weeping uncontrollably.

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