Xml in net validating xml documents

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Since these class implement a stream-based approach, they do not require that the XML document be parsed into a tree structure and cached in memory as happens when working with the document through the DOM.

When the DOM was first published and vendors such as Microsoft began writing parsers like MSXML to read those documents, it became immediately apparent that the programming model was not ideal for all applications.

An existing is that the Read method not only returns each tag (begin and end elements, processing instructions, CDATA sections, comments, and document type definitions) but also whitespace. The event handler where errors will be reported is created using the Public Sub Write Xml(By Val p File Name As String) Dim fs As File Stream Dim s Reader As Stream Reader Dim str Line As String Dim str Student ID, str FName, str LName, str Org As String Dim tw As Xml Text Writer Try fs = New File Stream(p File Name, File Mode. Read) s Reader = New Stream Reader(fs) tw = New Xml Text Writer(p File Name & ".xml", _ New System.

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namespace provides standards-based support for working with XML, this discussion will include dealing with streamed access to XML documents, manipulating XML documents with the DOM, handling XML schemas, and using XML serialization.

Perhaps the biggest innovation in the namespace, and the way in which you'll typically interact with XML documents, is through the use of a stream-based API analogous to the stream reading and writing performed on files discussed in Chapter 11.

At the core of this API are the classes, which provide read-only, forward-only cursor access to XML documents and an interface for writing out XML documents, respectively.

Close() End Try End Sub property that is used to store frequently used strings. Close() End Try End Sub Public Sub Validation Error(By Val o As Object, _ By Val args As Validation Event Args) ' Validation error occurred Log Validation Error(args) End Sub. Read Line Do While Not str Line Is Nothing str Student ID = Trim(Mid(str Line, 1, 5)) str FName = Trim(Mid(str Line, 13, 25)) str LName = Trim(Mid(str Line, 64, 25)) str Org = Trim(Mid(str Line, 115, 25)) ' Now write the Xml tw. Write Attribute String("Student ID", str Student ID) tw.

Indentation = 4 ' Write out the header information tw. Write Comment("Produced from " & p File Name & " on " & Now. Write Start Element("stud", "Students", " ' Loop through the input file str Line = s Reader. Write Attribute String("Last", str LName) ' Close the Name tag tw.

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